5 Best Paint Designs For Your Modern Ceiling


The ceiling is the first thing you notice when you lie on your bed in the night after a hard day’s work. It is imperative for you to add to the charm and visual appeal of the room ceiling. Using attractive yet appropriate paint colors for your room ceiling is the best way to create a soothing and comfortable ambiance in your room.

For most people, decorating the room is all about painting the walls with bright, striking colors. When it comes to the ceiling, they usually happy with white color. They think it as a perfect color for their room. It is pertinent to note that the ceiling makes one-sixth of the most rooms. Therefore, a modern ceiling can totally change the appearance of your room and add a lot of excitement by choosing the right texture and color for the ceiling.

Paint Design Ideas for the Ceiling:

Following are some terrific paint design ideas for room ceilings.

White is not always the Ideal Color:

When it comes to choosing the color for your room ceiling, white appears to be supreme.  However, most people totally ignore the specifications and types of their room while painting the ceilings white. Although, white is the most popular color for ceilings yet it has many drawbacks. For instance, you should never use white in rooms with a low ceiling. This will make your room look smaller and ceiling much closer to the ground than it is. Similarly, using white paints in rooms with high ceilings will make them look even higher. You should use white paint carefully and only in those rooms which are neither too low nor too high.

5 Best Paint Designs For Your Modern Ceiling

by Wentworth, Inc.

Take Inspiration from Nature:

There are many things you can do to revamp your room ceiling and make it more exciting and lively.  You can choose from thousands of clever designs to paint your room ceiling. You can even take inspiration from nature and paint the orange sunset, yellow sunrise or sky blue on the ceiling. These designs can work wonders for your room especially if you have used white or light shades to paint the walls. This is an ingenious method to make your room look fabulous and unique. You will not find many rooms with such creatively designed ceilings.

5 Best Paint Designs For Your Modern Ceiling

by Greg Riegler Photography

Use Two Different Colors:

Some people only want to use white paint for their room ceilings. There is nothing wrong in saying that such a room looks monotonous and dull. However, you can still use white to create an electrifying environment in your room. In this regard, use white in combination with the paint color you have used on the walls. You can also be little more innovative by mixing both the colors and painting the ceiling with them.

5 Best Paint Designs For Your Modern Ceiling

by Creative Design Construction, Inc.

Create Geometrical Shapes on the Ceiling:

You can do many things with your white ceiling to revitalize its appearance and enhance its beauty. For example, you can create beautiful geometrical designs on a white base using different colors such as red, green, blue, pink and yellow. Most popular of these shapes are stars, circles, and triangular figures.

5 Best Paint Designs For Your Modern Ceiling

by Maracay Homes Design Studio

Merge the Ceiling with Walls:

Another excellent idea to impart a unique look to your room is to paint the ceiling and a foot of the walls immediately below it with the same color. Painting the ceiling and the lower walls in highly contrasting colors will help you further accentuate the effect. Similarly, creating designs and patterns on both the ceiling and the walls will also transform an ordinary room into an exciting and fun place.

5 Best Paint Designs For Your Modern Ceiling

by Inspired Interiors

It is important to mention that the paint color alone cannot do the job for you. You have to choose a right paint finish as well. A flat paint finish will always work well with light shades. On the other hand, glossy finish with reflective sheen is the way to go for brighter or darker shades. In fact, you can completely change the feel of your room and considerably enhance its beauty by choosing the right paint color and finish for your room ceiling.

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