10 Makeup Ideas For Wedding Season

10 Makeup Ideas For Wedding Season

Every bride desires to look stunningly beautiful and feel her best on the wedding day. Choosing the right makeup for this big occasion can be a daunting task. We have carefully rounded up 10 most inspirational idea for this great day. Whatever maquillage you chose, ensure to try it before the wedding day so that you avoid stress and worries for the day. Here are some Wedding makeup tips to consider.

1. Consider the Climate

When planning for your wedding day, take note of the climate before choosing the maquillage to wear. If you are having your wedding in a warmer climate, then consider choosing oil-free products. These are foundations, primer, moisturizers among others. These will keep your hands free from oil blotting sheets.

2. Apply Your Makeup for Photos

This is your wedding day and there will be many cameras all around you. These cameras will blow you out in photos. For this reason put more makeup than you would normally apply. A little more than you think you need because cameras and light will tone your foundation. You may need to practice and take photos before the wedding day.

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3.Use a Primer

Gently and carefully apply primer before putting on foundation. This will help your maquillage go on smoother and last longer; remember-you have a long day ahead and want your maquillage to last until the end. Choose the right primer as it comes in different formulas for different skin types.

4. Use a Brush or a Sponge to Apply Your Foundation

Never use your fingers to apply foundation. This is to avoid leaving behind fingerprints, dirt or bacteria.Always use a brush or a sponge. When using a sponge do not swipe it on the skin, apply foundation by stippling it. This will help your foundation to blend evenly in to the skin and give your skin a more natural look.

5. Put on Concealer after Foundation

Primer, moisturizer and foundation are going to cover your imperfection and even out your skin color. Applying concealer before foundation will make you look cakey with too much products. Apply it after foundation. It is also advisable you use different kind of concealer for your face from those for your eyes.

6. Use Different Concealers

The choice of your concealer will depend on what you want covered. If it is a blemish broken capillaries or red sport, then oil-free, pigmented thicker concealer with yellow hilts would be the best choice. When applying concealer, always use a brush so that you are able to carefully pinpoint the sport.

7. Use an Eyebrow Pencil

Most women forget to use their eyebrow pencil when they apply their maquillage. Ensure you use it on your wedding day to fill in your eyebrow. It frames your eyes and polishes the whole picture. When choosing your eyebrow pencil, always choose a shade or two lighter than your natural eyebrow color.

8. Use Eye-Enhancing Techniques

It is your wedding day and you want your eyes to look bright and beautiful. Use eye-enhancing makeup techniques. Use a darker eye shadow and focus on the outside of eyes and make it lighter and brighter as you work in. In case you mess up a little, do not use a wipe you will ruin your concealer and foundation, instead use eye cream or a Q-tip and clean it up.

9. Do Some Work on Your Lips

Do not forget to use your lip balm. Apply it on your lips before lipstick or gloss so that they are not flaky and dry. After applying lip balm, fill your lips with a lip pencil. This will help hold the color longer, but if you want to wear a gloss only, then prepare for it to fade.

10. Remember to Carry a Few Touch-Up Products in Your Bag

Carry a few touch-up products in your hand bag. These may include your lip color-that is likely to wear out fastest and needs touch up. You may also need to carry some oil absorbing sheets. To avoid piling on powder the whole day, use a clean oil-absorbing sheet, these will help your skin look smooth all day. Also remember to carry Q-tips to clean any mess that collect in the inner corners of your eyes.


Makeups are meant to help you look stunningly beautiful and make you feel at your best. They can also help you change your look. If you are considering making that drastic change, like changing your hair color or lightening brows, then think again. Those significant drastic change just before the big day can be a big blunder. Instead, just aim to be yourself -a bit enhanced.

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