9 Skin Care Mistakes You Are Probably Making

9 Skin Care Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Skin care ensure that your skin looks healthy, vibrant and to prevent aging signs. However, this can only be attained, by avoiding mistakes, which often results in more harm than the desired benefits. Eight of the most common mistakes that are often made in skin care have been highlighted below to offer insight on how to break free from them.

1. Wrongly handling acne

Adult acne is a condition that we all encounter at one point if not all through life and despite having access to effective acne treatments out there, most of them aren’t utilized. This is because most people proceed to deal with pimples and zits on their own resulting in further detriment to their skin. According to experts, use of spot treatments at the wrong stage as well as using the wrong treatments on the wrong conditions will always lead to the skin blemishes lasting longer. The best approach on how to get rid of blackheads, pimples or zits is seeking out professional treatment or investing in quality products.

2. Inadequate exfoliating

You can exfoliate from the comfort and convenience of your home if it is not possible to make it to your favorite medspa for an expert exfoliation like a chemical peel. Most experts recommend that exfoliation be done on a frequency of 2 to 3 times a week. This helps remove dead skin that will often clog the pores and result in acne and other skin blemishes. In cases where you have a hard time with exfoliation a good alternative is using exfoliating serums. Use of acid serums that contain elements like glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids is recommended. These serums work well to dissolve the paste that holds together dead cells when applied to the skin during bed time resulting in a brighter, clearer and smoother appearance in the morning.

3. Excessive exfoliation

In most cases, too much of a good thing offers bad results and this also applies to exfoliating. Beauty columnists often address the illogical trend by people who are doing excessive aggressive treatments in exfoliation, which lead to them injuring their skins. This ill advised practices compromise your skin’s moisture controls and this leads to significant dehydration and the result is flaky, dry skin.

4. Insufficient sunscreen application

It can’t be emphasized enough that one of the most dangerous things you can do to your skin is leaving it unprotected against ultraviolet rays from the sun. Skin protection from the sun can be tricky since most if the UV rays hit the skin as a result of incidental exposure such as on cloudy days or when you’re out driving. Not applying enough sunscreen is another common skin care mistake we often make when trying to protect ourselves. Skin care experts advice that it is essential to apply sunscreen generously or it may not offer the needed protection. To better protect your skin using sunscreen you should get one that feels light on your skin since using one that feels heavy on you will most likely lead to application of small amounts and that will not do your skin any good.

5. Using the wrong kind of toner or not using any

Toners are an important step in skin care and need to be used after cleaning your face. The benefits of toner use are that they aid in cleansing the skin of minerals and drying chlorine found in water. When the toner is applied before the moisturizer, it helps the skin absorb its active ingredients and moisture. It is important to be cautious on the choice of toner though since toners that contain heavy alcohol content will only lead to skin dehydration.

6. Ignoring the neck

It is a common mistake for those of us who actively battle aging signs to ignore the neck. Skin care experts point out that a woman will usually apply moisturizer on the face and what is leftover on the fingertips is used down onto her neck. This doesn’t help much and it is advised that you should consider the neck as an extension of the face and protect it using sufficient amounts of moisturizer and sunscreen.

7. Ignoring skin care products directions

Most of the problems from skin care products use can be avoided by following instructions that accompany the product. This applies to the amount to be used or how often to apply it too. Most of us assume that more product use will lead to less acne and this is not true. Skin care products should not be overused as this can lead to inflammation and irritation.

8. Not changing your pillowcase often enough

Sleeping on a dirty pillow can trigger acne or rosacea, especially in people who are prone to those conditions. Flip your pillowcase after two nights so your skin then lays on the clean side; throw it in the wash two nights after that.

9.Applying your makeup wrongly

The right way to work makeup into your skin is moving from the inside of your face and outwards using tiny circular motions with your index and middle fingertips. Not only is makeup concentrated but it also reduces puffiness too.


All the above tips offer insight on common errors in skin care that we make unknowingly and how we can correct them. All that is required of you is to faithfully follow them for the desired results, which is healthy, clear and radiant skin that offers great confidence.

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