A Revered Professional In The Hospitality Industry

A Revered Professional In The Hospitality Industry

The Pan Pacific Group of Hotels is one of the most prominent luxury hotel chains in the world. Experts from the hospitality industry and guests consider the quality of the services that the staff and employees of this hotel group render to their guests to be the best in the world However, whenever these people talk about this reputed luxury hotel chain, they never forget the man who was architect behind its rise to in the international stage.

Commitment and Hard Work to Achieve Excellence

Patrick Imbardelli is the individual who is the mastermind behind the growth, development and success of The Pan Pacific Group of hotels in the America and international hospitality industry. He is a role model for many aspirants who want to make an indelible impression on the industry through their hard work and dedication. During his tenure with this luxury chain of hotels, he was the President along with the Chief Executive Officer of the luxury hotel chain. He played a critical role in propelling the growth and development of the hotel group in the global arena and establishing its unique brand name. Today, many people regard him as an inspirational and respected professional in the international hospitality industry. Not only is he a keen business analyst with an eye for excellence but also a catalyst when it comes to expanding a hotel’s business across the globe.

Mr. Imbardelli’s contribution in the hospitality industry has been phenomenal and for this, he has earned many awards. He has also been instrumental in helping The Pan Pacific Group of Hotels win many accolades, recognitions and awards for excellence in the international hospitality industry. He has thirty years of valuable experience in establishing the name of The Pan Pacific Group of Hotels in the international market in addition to the United States.

Dedication Towards Serving People

He is the most authoritative person who is renowned for his business acumen, knowledge and experience when comes to handling the business development affairs of a hotel business. This is the reason why many potential hotel aspirants seek his guidance and advice. He tells them the hotel industry is a very competitive and demanding workplace. As they will be dealing intimately with the guests and assisting in every possible way with a smile on their faces, they must be prepared to stand for long hours of their feet. Moreover, they will have to learn to cater to the needs of different kinds of customers who visit the hotel, which at times will be difficult. However, with experience and learning on the job, he says they will l become people friendly but it is not possible to excel in this profession over night. He also clarifies that thirty years back, he was in the same situation that the aspirants find themselves in but he always had a passion to excel in this profession.

Apart from being a prominent hotelier, Patrick Imbardelli is also a compassionate person who does plenty of philanthropic work to help disadvantaged children. He is married with two children and is a citizen of both Italy and Australia.

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