For Expert Legal Advice Contact A Lawyer

For Expert Legal Advice Contact A Lawyer

Instead of relying on hearsay an inept advisors, the best people to approach for legal advice is definitely a lawyer. People normally consider lawyers need to be hired for criminal cases, however, law governs every aspect of one’s life. Be it a property dispute, family matters, setting up of a trust fund, custody rights, marriage, dissolution of marriage and even for a immigrating to a foreign country it is essential to consult a lawyer, to understand the technicalities of one’s act. Sometimes people inadvertently break the law not wilfully, but because they are uninformed. Thus, no matter how challenging it may seem one must always seek the expert advice of a lawyer, to avoid getting mired into the technicalities governing the legal system of one’s country.

According to the legal firm Conner & Lindamood most people seeking legal advice want to learn more about family laws. Steve Lindamood who lends his name to the aforementioned legal firm has been practicing family law for more than 30 years. He has been representing clients in complex custody cases, divorce disputes and other family related issues in Houston. Lindamood is a recognized face in the Supreme Court of Texas. Lindamood had received his degree in law in year 1984 from South Texas College of Law and he was also a member of the fraternity Order of the Lytae for his outstanding contribution to law, even as a student. Thus, having achieved such distinctions Lindamood went on to become one of the most successful family lawyers in the state.

Steve Lindamood has represented clients in complex family law related cases. Some of the areas wherein Lindamood has proved his mettle as an expert family lawyer are as follows:

  • Lindamood has successfully represented clients in complex child custody cases. As such cases are not only difficult, but also emotionally exhausting Lindamood has ensured that such cases are dealt with complete faith and morality.
  • Lindamood also provides advice to clients seeking to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. The legal papers drawn up by Lindamood on behalf of the Conner & Lindamood legal firm has a vested interest of both parties.
  • In case of property disputes, Lindamood has fought many cases in the civil courts and has ensured that his clients’ interests have been safeguarded. Usually, property dispute cases get caught in legal technicalities, however, Lindamood with his expertise has been able to prevent cases from falling into this trap.

Thus, Lindamood believes in providing clients will a comprehensive support till the successful completion of the case and if beed be even after that.

Lindamood has great experience in family law and the litigation process. He can expertly strategize a case keeping in mind the client’s interest and carry out the case from trial to the appeals court. He also understand the emotions involved in filing a child custody or a divorce case.

Steve Lindamood continues to be a pillar of the family law and his services have been recognized by legal bodies like the ‘Houston Trial Lawyers Association’, ‘American Bar Association Litigation Section’ and many more such societies.

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