Health Issues In Truck Drivers Posing Major Concerns For Trucking Organizations

Health Issues In Truck Drivers Posing Major Concerns For Trucking Organizations

Truck driving is no different than the rest of the professions that exist in the market, and as a result of it, it even has got all the potentials to cause a variety of health issues to all the truckers who choose it as their profession. While some of the health issues are due to the long hours of driving at a stretch in one particular position, the rest of them are due to the lifestyle that most of them chooses and is observed to be the most common in the industry as well. Most of the truck organizations have identified that it is solely the lifestyle that has always been at the heart of the diseases that have been diagnosed in these truck drivers. They have made a point to work on it and provide bonuses to their drivers so that they make some necessary changes in their lifestyle and live a longer, and most importantly a better life. Since there has been a dearth of quality truck drivers in the industry, these trucking organizations do not want to lose even a single of their prized possession.

According to Fred Barbara, obesity is one factor that acts not just a risk, but also one of the significant issues in the profession. And what poses the threat according to them is the how it is being neglected every single day. Obesity is actually the net result of eating junk foods that hardly has got any food value, and finding not enough exercise to get rid of them. Since most of the truckers find their meals in the fast food corners, obesity is something that is bound to happen in due course of time. Since it has been noticed, the health board has given the circulation to the food joints to come up with better options in their menu chart that has got some nutritional value for the body.

It is obesity, which single-handedly takes the responsibility to lead the human body to the rest of the health issues that have been identified in the truckers. The heavier the body weight, the more is the performance of the cardiovascular systems, and greater is the risk of developing diabetes. The most significant fact about high blood pressure and any cardiovascular disease is that they do not show any symptom until and unless there are major effects like heart attack, stroke or cerebral attacks. And what gets worsened is, most of the drivers in spite of knowing that they are affected with the diseases, avoid taking any medicine, since they are afraid of losing their licenses. This creates major risk factors for them leading to critical condition on their ride and leading to accidents as well.

Although pre-diabetes do not prevent the drivers from operating the trucks, it must be made sure that the blood sugar level is under complete control. Fred Barbara believes that driving the trucks for long hours is one of the most strenuous jobs in the industry. Since he has been in the similar industry for long, he knows in and out about what the health conditions of the truckers should be to deliver safe rides. With the growing irregular and bad habits piercing into the lifestyles of the drivers, he’s really concerned about it and is up to bring in some changes.

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