The invention of the hair dryer was probably a blessing for all the ladies out there who love to style their hair. Hairdryers and hair-straightener are and will always remain a rage in the hair styling industry as they instantly make your hair shine and look as good as that of any model’s.But is any hair dryer good for your hair? Not all of us have the same kind of hair; some have the dry type, some have the frizzy type, some have the thick and coarse type, and many of us will have hair which is prone to damage by heat and other factors. It is highly important to know your hair type and then select dryer according to it.

When you go hair dryer shopping, next time, know all the terms and terminologies related to it and then choose the one you feel will suit your hair type the best.

Read further to find out more.

  1. Ionic Technology: This is most suitable for women who complain of dry, frizzy and coarse hair. What these kinds of dryers essentially do is that they will generate a field of negative ions which will lock the moisture in your hair leaving them smooth and silky. The biggest advantage is that they reduce the drying time. A tourmaline ionic product will enhance this effect even more.
  2. Ceramic and Titanium: It tenderly dries your hair from all sides with the help of infrared heat and leaves behind perfectly soft, non-frizzy and silky hair.It’s biggest advantage is that it will shield your hair from heat damage. It is, therefore, a big boon for women with wiry or curly hair which are prone to heat damage. Even people with keratin-treated hair can use this technology.
  3. Temperature adjustable: As the name suggests, you can easily vary its temperature according to the type of drying you want. If you want to style your hair turn the knob down for the lower settings and if you just want to dry them, use the higher settings. This one also protects your hair from potential heat damage. People who want to get the most out of their hair dryer, that is, drying and styling both, should immediately go for them.
  4. Multiple Speed Settings: A dryer with multiple speed settings is suitable for all hair types.These dryers come with multiple settings to adjust the functionality according to the hair needs.

A hair dryer and hair straightener is an important investment for any woman. It is not possible for you to go to the salon every time you need to go out as it is both UN-affordable and impractical. Just select one which is suitable according to your hair type and get a salon-like hair treatment from the comfort of your home.

Before committing to any particular brand, do a thorough research online and offline and then decide on which product would be most suitable for you.

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