How To Remove Negative Energy from Your Daily Life

Negative energy removal

Most of the people in world are worried about the negative energies surrounding them. They fear that these negative energies will cause certain problems to them. Some people also face this fear that they are affected by these negative energies and because of this they are not able to succeed in their life. Negative energy keeps on coming to us all the time, whatever might be the reason for it to enter but one should make sure that they keep on removing negative energy to maintain balance and restore harmony. Negative energy removal isn’t a big, tough job to do. If you’re wondering how to remove negative energy from your daily life then you can perform these following simple steps. These can be done individually too whereas if done all together they are very powerful to remove negative energy.

Burn Sage and Essence Sticks: Sage cleansing is one of the oldest, fastest ways for negative energy removal from your home. Open all your doors and the windows of the house. Starting from the back your house, light the sage/essence sticks and walk around covering as many rooms as you can. Make sure that you go into every room along the sage/essence stick. When you reached the front door, walk out and carefully throw it out and far away from your home.

 Protect Your Entrances: The doors and windows of your home act as the entrances for negative energy to enter your home from the outside. You really have to keep these areas purified to maintain a healthy energetic environment. You should clean your doors, windows as well as door knobs with a bucket filled with water, add the juice of five lemons, a cup of salt and one-forth cup of ammonia /white vinegar to it. This is done especially for the people who enter your home or when there is a lot of chaos going outside in the world.

Add Sound to Your Space: If you think your house is haunted then negative energy removal in this case is done differently. Quiet space attracts lots of negative energy and spirits, that’s why using sound as a powerful cleansing method is the best. You can walk through your home with a ringing bell or wind chime or singing bowl in order to prevent negativity from entering your home.

Put Salt In Room Corners: In case you feel that only one room is infected with negative energy, then you can put some handful of salt at the four corners of the room, Let the salt sit for 48 hours. This salt on the corners of the room will absorb all the negative energies there in the room. After 48 hours, Wipe the salt and throw it out of your house.

Use Protective Crystals: There are several crystals which help in absorbing negative energy e.g. Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz are most known. These crystals should be placed in your homes and they greatly work towards negative energy removal.

Above mentioned methods are for a general state but if you are facing any major issues which need negative energy removal  with much more effective results, you can opt for healing sessions with Healings with God. Their main aim is to transform negative energy to positive energy and to make people gain some faith in their own personality.

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