Coffee Time: Drinking Coffee In Italian Way


Do you like coffee? Of course, coffee means special hot or cold drink, made of coffee seeds. What is more, coffee is eye opener. If you want to learn the aromatic beauty of coffee drink, you should visit Italy. Coffee is a part of Italian national cuisine, consisting of pizza, pasta, olive oil and coffee. You have to taste one of many variants of coffee that are served in Italian bars, cafes, restaurants. You can buy coffee in different variations: black and strong, with milk or milk foam, with ice-cream, liquor or lemon to open new and new tastes every day.

There is one big specific feature of drinking coffee in Italy: every part of the day is characterized with its own special drink. You should drink latte macchiato or cappuccino for breakfast, in the morning. These kinds of coffee drinks contain milk, so, it is better to drink them in the morning. Of course, tourists know nothing about coffee rules and order cappuccino during the day, every part of the day. It looks silly for Italians. Afterdinner coffee is espresso or caffe macchiato. Evening coffee is deca – caffeine free coffee.

Try to hire a car in Catania and visit the most popular coffee bars or restaurants during the day. It is important for Italians to drink coffee when they have a break. What do you prefer: marocchino, corretto, al vetro, caffe d’orzo, granita di caffe with whipped cream, caffe shakerato or something else? There are few rules of drinking coffee in Italian-way. Learn them and feel homy.


Italian Style

Such kinds of coffee as cappuccino, caffe latte, latte macchiato are recommended to drink just in the first part of the day. If you want to drink a cup of cappuccino in the evening, you should say sorry to your waiter.

Do not take freedoms with coffee, ordering, for example, frappuccino with menthol. This is a bad form! Instead, you should try caffe alla nocciola – espresso with whipped cream and nuts.

Traditional Italian word espresso is taboo in Italy. Ordering a cup of espresso, you should call it caffe.

You can order caffe doppio, so-called double espresso. Italians drink much coffee during the day. Nevertheless, they prefer drinking coffee with low dose.

The most of Italians prefer drinking coffee at the bar counter. You should come to the counter and say your order clear and loudly. It is better to pay after coffee.

If you want to have some coffee in the airport, railway station or touristic establishments, you must be ready to pay for your order beforehand.

Italians prefer drinking coffee standup. Natives believe that coffee is better to soak standup.

Trio Ice Cream Legend

Italians drink hot but not scalding coffee. If you want very hot drink, you should order caffe bollente.

What is the most favorite coffee drink for Italians? In short, they prefer cappuccino or caffe latte: caffe macchiato or latte macchiato. Do you want to know what it means? It means espresso with the drop of milk or milk with the drop of espresso. Learn the terms:

Сaffe corretto is popular drink for working Italians. It Means espresso dropped with the dose of brandy. Сaffe freddo or cappuccino freddo is icy espresso or cappuccino. You can ask for caffe lungo or caffe ristretto, if you want to have your espresso watered.

Italians believe that you cannot miss any of these coffee rules!

Coffee Places in Catania

Speaking about the coffee places, you may think of pizzerias, restaurants, cafes and bars. The prices are different in different places. Do you have your favorite bar to drink coffee? Italians have! What makes your bar favorite and special for you? Everything depends on good experienced barman, or barista. Good barista is a person who does his job fast, accurate. He never makes you wait and nervous. He knows clients by face, their preferences and desires. Of course, good barista can makes good coffee. This is his main quality.

Barista is your friend. You can talk to him in different topics, including football and something personal. If you are in sorrow, barista can make you his friendly support. Italians do not stay in a bar for long. They prefer drinking coffee on the go, at the bar counter many times a day. It makes all tourists to be surprising. As a rule, many tourists prefer spending a half of an hour for coffee. As you can see, there are many bars without tables. What is more, the prices at the counter and at the table are different. This is a popular practice for big touristic cities like Catania.

Espresso extract

Osteria I Tre Bicchieri

This is very popular, but young restaurant. It was opened in 2002 protected by the biggest Italian wine factory – Benanti. You can meet more than 1000 sorts of wine here. Do not forget about coffee! There is also a big comfortable smoking room in the restaurant, where you are offered to try high-sort tobacco. Sunday is a day off. The price for dinner is about 60 EUR. The prices for coffee are high.


Meet the restaurant and wine bar. The cuisine is modern Sicilian. You should try steak, fish, pasta with mushrooms. The service is also high and modern. The style is not Sicilian, but comfortable. You can drink coffee, glass of wine or have a big dinner here.

Sicilia In Bocca

Sicilians call this restaurant the best true Sicilian restaurant. The interior is impressive: high ceiling, stony walls, traditional food (pasta, fish). The prices are friendly. You can have coffee for cheap.

Caffe del Duomo

What a charming cafe! The coffee and sweets are fantastic! Coming to Italy for day or two, you should visit a fish market, not far from here.

Sensory judge tasting Albert Sarasith's (Caffe Rosso) espresso

There are many different espresso machines. It is very popular using them in cafes. Nevertheless, Italians prefer their home coffee machines. They become better with the years to make tasty aromatic coffee domiciliary. Just smell! The coffee smells cozy and sincerely, as it must be in Italy!

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