Top 9 Habits To Adopt Before Wrinkles Get You

how to remove wrinkles

As you age, you are likely to start developing wrinkles. However, although the most obvious reason for wrinkles is aging, sometimes age has nothing to do with your wrinkles. Beauty professionals argue that habits and beauty routines can greatly impact wrinkling. Here are Top 9 habits to adopt before wrinkles get you.

1. Quit Smoking

Beauty professionals claim that smoking is among the leading habits that cause wrinkles. A recent study of twins has proved this detail and cosmetic surgeons as well as dermatologists all over the world recommend skipping cigarettes in order to lose your wrinkles. Therefore, if you don’t smoke yet, make no mistake of starting, and if you already smoke, there are numerous programs that will help you quit smoking gradually.

2. Proper Diet

How to remove wrinkles begins with observing proper diet. Bear in mind that, eating high glycemic foods and too much sugar doesn’t impact on your weight only, but it might make you appear older. According to experts, through a dangerous process known as glycation, sugar molecules tend to attach to your skin’s molecules making them malformed and stiff. This process leads to loss of facial elasticity and causes puffiness, contours, and fine lines. Moreover, it is prudent to avoid simple carbohydrates and refined sugars.

3. Quit Drinking

Alcohol has been shown to dehydrate the skin. This implies that your skin will seem fresh and less plump in the morning after drinking alcohol. As time goes by, your skin is likely to lose its elasticity forming wrinkles due to dehydration. Moreover, alcohol might negatively impact the level of Vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A is a vital body antioxidant and is useful in collagen production.

4. Stop Chewing Gum

According to skin care professionals, chewing gum leads to a special type of wrinkles, which mostly affects the lower mouth. Moreover, it brings about some other issues in the general structure of the mouth. Therefore, if you want to preserve your skin, consider not chewing gum. Besides, this is not a difficult habit to give up.

5. Make Sure You Remove All Your Makeup Before Sleeping

Most people struggling with how to remove wrinkles sleep with their makeup. Sleeping with your makeup isn’t advisable, and wrinkles will kick in very early. This is because of makeup, as well as other environmental pollutants accumulated during the day, tends to seep into your skin through the pores leading to elastin and collagen break down. This speeds up the aging process leaving you with wrinkles and fine lines. For this reason, skin care experts recommend moisturizing and cleansing your skin every night prior going to bed.

6. Quit Picking Pesky Zits

Professionals recommend letting pesky come out naturally rather than picking them. Additionally, you might use natural products that are well-known for their ability to eliminate them. You should note that any time you pull or pick at your skin; you are creating irritation, wrinkles, and scars. Therefore, make sure you stop picking to avoid damaging your skin.

7. Quit Stretching The Skin To Apply Makeup

Stretching the skin in order to apply makeup has been shown to cause wrinkles. According to experts, people should put on makeup accordingly. Avoid stretching your mouth open or lifting your eyebrows to apply mascara. Additionally, you shouldn’t stretch your eyes to put on your eyeliner. Regular stretching causes the skin to stretch and eventually brings about wrinkles.

8. Proper Sunscreen

You should skip sunscreen. However, this is becoming tempting because many people spend their days indoors. Bear in mind that; even the slightest sunlight exposure can bring about collagen breakdown. Therefore, it is wise to wear your sunscreen every time, to avoid getting sun damaged. Consider choosing an SPF 30 sunscreen or one that contains titanium oxide or zinc oxide as the main ingredient.

9. Sleeping

The way you sleep can also play a significant role in wrinkle development. Therefore, it is wise to observe a proper sleeping style that is friendly to your face. Note that, sleeping on your face tends to give you wrinkles from your pillow. Professionals recommend sleeping on satin pillowcases that are in a position to easily slide across your face. This helps to ensure that you don’t get sleep wrinkles each time you go to bed. Alternatively, you might want to sleep facing up on your back.


Everybody wants to have a youthful and appealing skin free from wrinkles. However, not many people are willing to do what it takes to achieve this kind of skin. Consider adopting the habits mentioned above to keep wrinkles at bay.

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